HUGE cache of drawing and art related book PDF files.

There’s literally hundreds of great drawing, manga, comic, painting, sculpting, and art related books on this site. The website language is in Russian but many of the books are in their native language. Hopefully this is as helpful to many others as it was to me! 

Okay but seriously though.

It doesn’t stop doubtful manga looking artbooks.
There are anatomy artbooks by Vilppu, by Matessi…Artbooks from video games( ac , thieves …) ,  Artbooks about zbrush modelling, 3DS max lightning how to texture properly. Even how to concept art for video Games !!Without mentioning artbooks from movies ! From Miyazaki to Pacific Rim, I encourage you to check them out. This post doesn’t have nearly enough notes ! Fellow artits, share the references around ! =D

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For Windows.

My friends and I occasionally have this problem so I’ve taught them this simple method that takes less than a minute as opposed to waiting several for your computer to restart(especially if it’s slow).

What’s great about this method is that sometimes restarting your computer wont fix the problem, but this usually will.


This is important, otherwise the changes wont take effect. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again, sometimes it takes restarting it more than once.

For Windows 8, search for “services.msc” in your apps and click on the result. Continue from there!

Now go draw, babies!

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Mini tutorial: Glow effects in SAI by secret-pony

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Right now I am badly stuck and I’m angry and frustrated. But I also know that sometimes, one has to take a big step and that even though it might not happen right away, good things will happen eventually. And don’t forget how rewarding it feels when you’ve finally climbed that stupid step!

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this is pretty much just a redo of my other tutorial cause i hated how that one turned out, but someone asked for tips so I thought I’d do it before college legit starts on monday omg

just some ideas to play around with!!!

It’s hard coming up with just general tips for drawing, but if you have anything more specific you have troubles with just ask this weekend and I’ll do tutorials cause im bored anyway lmaooo

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Dining Etiquette Around The World, an infographic by Restaurant Choice

via Feel Design

are these relevant or clichés to you?

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my dear friend Jessi (lilylilymine) whom i really admire told me she liked the way i draw legs (thank you, btw!) and asked if i would do a tutorial. i feel a little weird having never done a tutorial before, and i don’t feel like i have the authority to really teach anyone about art, but i can’t deny Jessi. ;)

i’m not sure if i have anything particularly revolutionary or exciting to say…i’m sure i missed a lot of important stuff. i guess it’s mostly just an insight into how i personally like to draw legs, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

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this will be useful :D

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Legs anatomy references by Wolfy-Nail

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I did this very quickly I hope there aren’t any mistakes

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